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Dynamic Digital

The Benefits

Bringing X-ray to Life

  • Large (17" x 17") field of view

  • Observe anatomical and physiological changes over time

  • Cost Effective: the system can perform all standard radiographic procedures

  • Quantifiable clinical information to increase quality and specificity of diagnosis

  • May dramatically change diagnostic and patient management paradigms

    • Pulmonary
    • Orthopedic
    • Other

Dynamic Digital Radiography (DDR) is a revolutionary technology. Now clinicians can better visualize movement and evaluate function—at a low dose. This means quantifiable clinical information…and better specificity of diagnosis.

Dynamic Digital Radiography Acquisition

DDR technology allows for the clinician to acquire an “x-ray that moves,” using the same system as a normal, still-image x-ray.  This breakthrough in radiology provides better definition than fluoroscopy.

Continuous Pulse
Pulse Generator
  • PACS agnostic

  • Dose equivalent to about 2 standard X-rays

  • Short exposure time for optimal productivity

  • Synchronized multi-frame acquisition

  • Multi-function X-ray system for dynamic and static images for cost and workflow effectiveness

  • Up to 300 images acquired over 20 seconds creates a “cine-loop”

Dynamic Digital Radiology (DDR) is a new type of X-Ray. DDR is a series of individual digital images acquired at high speed and low dose. The resulting cine loop presents a diagnostic-quality view of dynamic density and anatomical motion. That motion can be quantified with advanced image processing. DDR is a promising platform for AI (Artificial Intelligence) applications. DDR is not fluoroscopy, DDR is X-Ray that moves!

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